Serving In honor of Police Officer Ken Tietjen 

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Our Services

Therapy horses Hamlet and Honor are the only horses that work in New York City hospitals.

Our Mini Therapy Horses

Therapy horses Hamlet and Honor are two of the country's smallest first responders.  They are specially trained to work in hospitals, in large crowds, and in areas of trauma where sirens, noise, and commotion are all common.  They are trained to walk up and down stairs, ride elevators and walk on all the different surfaces they might encounter while inside buildings.

Our mini horses are the only horses to have been cleared to work in NYC hospitals and are able to work with injured veterans and first responders as part of their physical therapy recovery plan.

Our School Programs

Our highly successful Aspire Program is based on a strong partnership between our schools, our students, our police and our foundation.  We work with the schools to identify students who, for whatever reason, are not achieving their full potential.  We then partner those students with a police officer and have them sign a contract stating that they will achieve predetermined goals. At the end of their contract term, if their goals are achieved, they are rewarded through a process that helps bring their families, their teachers and their community police officers together to celebrate their success. Not only does this program teach students about setting and achieving goals, but it also helps the form relationships with the officers within their community.

Our Community Outreach

We work very closely with police and fire departments to engage and provide services to the community.

Our mini therapy horses partner with first responders to assist those who are experiencing trauma or who are ill or at the end of life, to engage the public and to further open lines of communication between our first responders and our communities.

Our goal is to promote and bring to light the incredible work our first responders and mini therapy horses do in the community every day.

Our police officers partner with therapy horse Honor to connect with the community.